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Egg Morphology

The movement, stability and viability of avian eggs rely heavily on their morphology. My current work examines the relationship between geometric properties of Auk eggs and their nesting stratagies.

(Hauber Lab, Colaborator: Iva Ljubicic)  

2017.07.16-Western Key.jpg

US Western Bats: A (VISUAL) Dichotomous Key

I'm currently working on a visual dichotomous key for bats found in the Western United States, to pair with the US Eastern Bat key, in the link below. Like the Eastern key, the visual diagrams and example images will help professionals to identify species in-hand.


Hays, I. R., & Hauber, M. E. (in press). How the egg rolls: a morphological analysis of avian egg shape in the context of displacement dynamics. Journal of Experimental Biology, jeb-178988. - link