Ian Hays (.Work)

Research Equipment Design


(A bridge between my past career and current efforts)


Harp Trap: Bat Collection

This harp trap was built for bat research in Costa Rica. It has the benefit of being rust-proof, disassembles for transport, being lightweight, and can be made from locally available parts.

Designed for Dr. Gloriana Chaverri - Universidad de Costa Rica


Egg Photography Stand

This camera stand was used for extracting the shape of an egg for analysis, with back-lighting, size calibration, and axial egg-camera aliment, as improvements to existing photography methods.

Photo Apr 05, 7 56 20 PM.jpg

Egg Rolling Machines

My current research required methods for standardizing the motion and release of egg shapes. These devices for spinning, releasing, and tracking the motion of eggs aided our understanding of how morphology of the shell prevents clutch loss.


US Eastern Bats: A Dichotomous Key

The current and standard field key is difficult to navigate and lacks visual examples of described traits. This novel graphic key allows for clear visual confirmations.


A collaboration with Bat Conservation Management & Bat Survey Solutions