Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Student, Rutgers Newark - Ecology and Evolution track, Biology Department (2018-present)

M.A., CUNY Hunter College - Animal Behavior and Conservation Program, Psychology Department (2015-2017) GPA: 3.88

Post-Baccalaureate, Fordham University - Biology Program, Professional and Continuing Education Program (2013-2015) GPA: 3.45

B.F.A., Parsons School of Design - Product Design Department (2005)


2018 - present Teaching Assistant
Location:   Rutgers Newark
Description: General Biology (I & II) Laboratory Instructor

2016 Field Technician
Authors:   Ian Hays, Dr. Mark Hauber
Description: Roosting behavior, vocalizations of Uria aalge, the Common Murre

2014 - 2015 Lab Technician
Authors:   Dr. Jason Munshi-South, Nicole Fusco, Matthew Combs
Description: Urban ecology and population genetics of the brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) & two-lined salamanders

2015 Field Assistant
Authors: Dr. Gloriana Chaverri
Description: Ecology and behavior of Spix's disc-winged bats, Thyroptera tricolor

2014 Field Assistant
Study Authors:   Melquisidek Gabba-Rios, Dr. Garry McCracken
Description: Predator Response in Watson’s tent-making bats


Hays, I. R., Ljubicic, I. & Hauber, M. E. (in review). The shape of avian eggs: assessment of a novel metric for quantifying eggshell conicality.

Hays, I. R., & Hauber, M. E. (2018). How the egg rolls: a morphological analysis of avian egg shape in the context of displacement dynamics. Journal of Experimental Biology, jeb-178988.



The International Society for Behavioural Ecology (2018) – Talk, work presented by collaborator M.E. Huaber.

Egg Conference: 'Resolving the Mysteries of the Avian egg' (2017) – Talk

Poster Presentation

Joint Meeting of American Ornithological Society & the Society of Canadian Ornithologists (2017)

Grant - 2016 Animal Behavior and Conservation Department Grant dedicated for original research.

Honors - 2017 Psi Chi National Honor Society Member, Hunter College Chapter


Field: Mist-netting, Banding (Bird/Bat); DNA collection; Visual Identification and Capture (various taxa); Invertebrate & Bat Sampling/Identification; Amphibian Subcutaneous ID-tagging

Lab: DNA Extraction; PCR; Fluorometry; Gel electrophoresis; ddRad protocols; Animal husbandry

Digital: OriginPro; IMB SPSS; AutoCAD; Trimble SketchUp; Adobe Creative Suite; Geneious R10


NYC Audubon: 2017 -The Newtown Creek Wildflower Roof Invertebrate Survey
Activities: Pit/glue trap installation; sample collection; species identification

Bat Conservation Management: 2014 - Western Bat Field Techniques Workshop
Activities: Mist-netting; voucher calls; sound analysis; acoustic software; banding; general survey techniques; radio tracking      

Echoes Ecology UK: 2013 - Bat Survey Workshop
Activities: Harp netting; transect exercises; sound analysis software; animal handling; roost identification